PNEC of an Optimist – Hammad Saleem

Thoughts rushed through my mind about how the world was going to react. The only line that supported my decision was “It’s my life, I don’t care about the world”. But deep inside, an intrinsic fear of the unknown harassed me throughout 24 hours of Daewoo. I made sure that I had collected some solid reasons, for leaving SEECS and joining “KARACHI wali NUST” or “Navy something” (as I called it then), which I branded as “Family Reasons :P”. I was all ready … ready to face it only and only as an “OPTIMIST”.

Be Happy! 🙂

This was it. I read Pakistan Navy Engineering College after a long walk and smiled convincingly seeing NUST above it. The guards almost succeeded in convincing me that I was actually a terrorist, faking my identity. However, it felt good knowing about such a fool proof security for the students. And then I entered a carbon absorbing world. Many things missing though, everything that was there at this eco-friendly place was at its place. It delineated the strict discipline observed at PNEC. That is one thing that continuously hounds the students. Nevertheless, I am sure that we will have to face equally serious behavior from our bosses. Isn’t it perfect training?

Who cares about having discipline in life? All we want is fun and that too without cooking it up. Just a ready-made platter of events to fulfill our youthful desires! This attitude would have dragged PNEC to an even lower level. Luckily, there is a bunch of stupid people. I called them ‘stupid’ because that’s what the students who are least interested think they are. However, these are the only people who put in the effort to get something going at PNEC every now and then. But the response that they receive is too low to take their efforts to the next level.

And to talk about talent at PNEC, it has got some serious brains. In the light of the recent achievements of PNEC students, no one can deny this fact. Also we seem to now have learnt the art of negotiation with our administration, the result of which is the relaxation on muster and uniform thingy.

If everything seems to be almost right, if every other constituent of NUST has equal demerits, in quantity, if not the quality, why do we, the PNEC-ians, cry about it all the time? Initially, whenever I used to tell someone that I got myself transferred from SEECS, I heard only one phrase in return, the POGO translation of which is ‘WELL THAT’S FANTASTIC’.  But as time passed, I realized that the only thing that made the place HELL was the fantasizing approach towards UNI LIFE. Take your fantasizing specs off and wear the realistic ones to make the remaining period of PNEC more like heaven. ^_^

Hammad Saleem is a Chauka-holder from EE-III. He loves being a couch potato and claims to be the biggest Afridi fan. Connect with him here:


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