Freshmen Friendly features in MACS’ The Pinnacle 4th Edition!

We are very proud to have featured in the MACS’ monthly newsletter The Pinnacle! It is deeply satisfying that they find this endeavour of ours a positive one!

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– Team Freshmen Friendly


Societies in PNEC – MACS

MACS, short for Media Affairs and Communications Society, is and has been a forum for change in PNEC. From organizing mega events like the Freshers’ Week to Farewell Dinner Concerts, their events are always a success and always waited for in great anticipation by everyone at PNEC.

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Societies in PNEC – IEEE PNEC

Arguably one of the most active and keenly represented society at PNEC, IEEE-PNEC has been at the forefront of involving the mass at PNEC by conducting events, talks, competitions seminars and providing them with a platform to develop and succeed.

Here are some of happenings at PNEC, contributed to by IEEE PNEC captured by a camera!

Ragging, the PNECian Way of Breaking the Ice – Salar Bin Javaid

Congratulations! You’re one of the lucky few who made it to PNEC this year. You sat in that examination hall and bested around 40,000 – 50,000 students across the nation. You have now stepped into the real world, pat yourself on the back and put a feather in your cap. Now, many people will tell you about academics, activities, societies, so on and so forth. But I won’t get into any of that. I have only one thing that I shall share with you and that my juniors, is the PNECian art form of ragging.

To put it simply; ragging is a rite of passage. To truly enjoy university life one must first step into KK (you’ll soon find out about that) at any given time of the day and wait for a senior to notice you. Whether you’re an outliving student or a hostelite, there’s a senior out there waiting to see you walk into that café. While you take in the sight, someone from somewhere will call you out, and the session begins.

Many of you answer the call and walk towards the senior, but some of you tend to ignore it, thus making a huge mistake. Let’s say you went with the right choice and are now facing a senior or a whole group of seniors. Fret not! For they mean you NO harm, unlike other institutions where ragging is intended to humiliate and bully, here at PNEC it’s only used as a tool for getting to know our juniors. It begins with the introduction, which is carried out in a very specific manner; you must stand in muster position (which you’ll learn properly sooner or later), chest out, chin up and then introduce yourself. But be sure, no matter how confident you are, you’ll get it wrong the first time and that’s where your seniors will ‘help’ you out. After the introduction you’ll get the wonderful opportunity to treat your seniors to tea and/or samosas, rolls etc. while you tell them more about yourself and they tell you about life at PNEC. You might even get to showcase your vocal talents if the seniors are in the mood for some entertainment. :-p

It’s far from over as seniors aren’t limited to KK – they just spend most of their time there – you’ll find them in class rooms, labs, corridors and virtually everywhere else. Every time you come across a senior the introductory session shall start anew and how long it goes on depends on the senior.  Eventually, most of us will get to know you and you will learn about the places that you need to stay away from in order to avoid us. We also like the library and juniors who show up at the library too much are practically asking for it.

That’s just a brief overview of how your first encounter might go down, the tip of the iceberg. Some of you might dodge us initially but remember you can’t run forever. Lastly, remember that if a senior calls you out you should be respectful and answer their call. If you behave well you will definitely gain our respect and we’ll be there to help you out in any way possible. But if you try to act smart then let me tell you that we seniors can be quite creative. -.-

Salar Bin Javaid is a Sophomore at Pakistan Navy Engineering College. He has a thing or two for Rap Music. Better not mess with him for he’ll make you wish you were never born! Connect with him here:

Whatever Happens In Boys’ Hostel, Stays in Boys’ Hostel!

  • Written by Moaaz Khan
  • Compiled by Khadija Raheem

Cleared your admission test? Welcome to PNEC! 😀

Anxious? Excited? Curious? Worried?

Well you should be, particularly those who ought to live in hostel. Normally they say that travelling grooms a person, he gets to see the world and thus he is in a better position to make impromptu decisions. Based on personal experiences, I think boarding schools/hostels actually nourish you in every way possible. Hostel life teaches you almost everything you need to know before you enter the responsible phase of your life. So relax, you are about to enter the most fun filled, unpredictable roller coaster ride of your life – your stay at PNEC BOYS HOSTEL.

 So vacations are over and finally the departure is here. It is time to say goodbye to your parents, and bid farewell to your siblings. Welcome to Karachi!

If you are worried about things to bring here, trust me that is not an issue. Karachi main sab kuch mil jaata hai; machar, badboo, qabristaan ka nazaraa. Bas nahin milta, tou sukoon aur bijli!

PNEC hostel is by far the best hostel I’ve ever had the chance to live in, honestly it is the only hostel I have lived in. At times this hostel turns out to be your worst enemy and at times when nobody else is there for you, this hostel is. PNEC hostel is portrayed as if its freshmen’s’ nightmare. Let me be honest with you, it is. But only for those who have certain attitude issues towards their seniors. The thing that you have to understand is that they have been in this place, if not little but still, more than you so they know how things roll here.

Undoubtedly the foremost thing you new comers fear is ragging but let me clarify ‘ragging’ is no more there, but ‘interactive’ sessions with freshmen are obviously a must. It helps you find your friends for the next four years and may be for life. These seniors will end up with you through thick and thin. The friends you make while being together in sessions with seniors are the best buddies you are ever going make. But do look out for yourself as like every other place, this place too has a certain breed of selfish people. Technically these sessions are a part of your grooming so there should be no concerns about it.

 Well before you have an idea you should realize that all senior eyes are awaiting you; the ‘becharay juniors’ who as a matter of fact have no idea where you are and all of you in one or the other way are planning to avoid getting in hand of the senior batches, but take my word; it’s purely unavoidable. Simplest ragging starts off with your introduction in English as well as in Urdu. Ensure that you know the translation of key words such as A*: Alif Sitara, NUST: Qaumi Jamaat sainsee aur takneeki, the name of your department etc. It is advisable to meet a helpful senior who guides you beforehand or else get prepared to stay up whole night introducing yourself again and again. Remember one word spoken in Urdu while introducing in English will compel you to restart the whole intro from how you were born to how you were landed in NUST, PNEC.

PS. PNEC doesn’t mean Pakistan Navy Engineering College, when asked by seniors what it really means is beyond the scope of this article. :p

Anyway this is the lowest level of ragging.

If you have to survive the first few weeks successfully here are a few pointers;

  • Learn to dance; Prepare mujras and do not hesitate when seniors ask you to do so. There is no point in resistance, they will make you do. Try copying MJ, and if you are a fan of Madhuri, try the ‘thumkas’ they always work.
  • Second of all make up stories in self-defense. It’s pointless to confess you have not done anything exciting in life, seniors love to hear stories. Tell them you have a lot of female friends, they are particularly interested in your love life. Your exciting stories will glue them to you and prove to be the best friends around in your four years.
  • Prepare yourself to sing; because if you cannot sing, then you are no good. NUST is certainly not the place for you; engineering is just not your piece of cake. Whenever asked use you vocal cords in the most shrilled voice, they will ask you to shut up soon, good enough?!
    PS. Learn the National Anthem, you might be asked to sing that too. And also, learn Urdu alphabets by heart.

The other little ragging examples include, measuring the height of the door using a coin. No matter how accurate you are, seniors will always defy you for the first time; Be patient!
Don’t try to outwit the seniors or act smart with them, you will get entangled in your own smartness.

The torture of ragging doesn’t really end within the rooms, your first trip to mess for food, may also turn hideous. Remember, on entering the mess go to your assigned corner table, sit quietly and eat..!
Avoid eye contact, because if caught then get ready to experience the tastiest dishes you might have never had in your entire life. All you will be asked is to take a glass, fill it with water, soft drink, pepper, curry, daal or any other thing that the senior like, and you will be asked to drink it. The worst that can occur is puking and the best is that you relish the drink.

 After reading this article, I assume that some of you might be scared and most of you might be disgusted but these are some of the basic things you may be asked to do so each of us have been through this and if you take my advice, I will say; enjoy the ragging and every other interactive session with your seniors and not consider them torturous. It is basically the part of you hostel life and your grooming, and it may even help you explore your hidden talents. Once the era of ragging has ended, the real face of hostel comes up. The seniors literally become your elder brothers, and become so close to you that you consider them your true friends. Their help is available to you anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The more social you are the better for you. The best thing about PNEC hostel which makes it better than rest of the hostels in that you get to know each and every student living in. And believe me they’ll be the only ones standing up for you in time of need here at hostel, you’ll get to know the needy times I assure you. The worst thing about here is if you don’t want to interact with anyone, nobody would even bother to talk to you. So technically this hostel offers you seclusion and party at the same time, it is up to you what you choose. And when it comes to party, hostelling people here party real hard. If you are a study champ, you might find this hostel rather hostile. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t get to study. For your information the only student ever at PNEC to graduate with a solid 4.0 was an in living student.

Just to wrap up my article I would just summarize your PNEC stay with the following tips

1) Respect your seniors, they deserve it.
2) Watch your friendships they are really going to affect you.
3) Mend your attitude problems if you have any because once you are here, you are stuck with these people for at least three years whether you like it or not.
4) Avoid any mishaps of all kinds as they are going cause you and only you embarrassment.
5) Understand one thing, you are the junior most. You are at the bottom of the food chain for one semester so bear it. There is always a silver lining behind every cloud. You’ll be seniors of some students soon. Your time will come too.
6) Never forget that you are here to study, enjoyment is of secondary importance.

Believe me; if you follow these simple pointers and my advice, you are going love this place. We all wait to welcome you, Best of luck! 🙂




PNEC of an Optimist – Hammad Saleem

Thoughts rushed through my mind about how the world was going to react. The only line that supported my decision was “It’s my life, I don’t care about the world”. But deep inside, an intrinsic fear of the unknown harassed me throughout 24 hours of Daewoo. I made sure that I had collected some solid reasons, for leaving SEECS and joining “KARACHI wali NUST” or “Navy something” (as I called it then), which I branded as “Family Reasons :P”. I was all ready … ready to face it only and only as an “OPTIMIST”.

Be Happy! 🙂

This was it. I read Pakistan Navy Engineering College after a long walk and smiled convincingly seeing NUST above it. The guards almost succeeded in convincing me that I was actually a terrorist, faking my identity. However, it felt good knowing about such a fool proof security for the students. And then I entered a carbon absorbing world. Many things missing though, everything that was there at this eco-friendly place was at its place. It delineated the strict discipline observed at PNEC. That is one thing that continuously hounds the students. Nevertheless, I am sure that we will have to face equally serious behavior from our bosses. Isn’t it perfect training?

Who cares about having discipline in life? All we want is fun and that too without cooking it up. Just a ready-made platter of events to fulfill our youthful desires! This attitude would have dragged PNEC to an even lower level. Luckily, there is a bunch of stupid people. I called them ‘stupid’ because that’s what the students who are least interested think they are. However, these are the only people who put in the effort to get something going at PNEC every now and then. But the response that they receive is too low to take their efforts to the next level.

And to talk about talent at PNEC, it has got some serious brains. In the light of the recent achievements of PNEC students, no one can deny this fact. Also we seem to now have learnt the art of negotiation with our administration, the result of which is the relaxation on muster and uniform thingy.

If everything seems to be almost right, if every other constituent of NUST has equal demerits, in quantity, if not the quality, why do we, the PNEC-ians, cry about it all the time? Initially, whenever I used to tell someone that I got myself transferred from SEECS, I heard only one phrase in return, the POGO translation of which is ‘WELL THAT’S FANTASTIC’.  But as time passed, I realized that the only thing that made the place HELL was the fantasizing approach towards UNI LIFE. Take your fantasizing specs off and wear the realistic ones to make the remaining period of PNEC more like heaven. ^_^

Hammad Saleem is a Chauka-holder from EE-III. He loves being a couch potato and claims to be the biggest Afridi fan. Connect with him here: