IEEE – Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

IEEE PNEC Student Branch aims to progress as a comprehensive society, responsive to technological change. We, at IEEE PNEC, envisage exploring, initiating and enlightening the knowledge of theory and practice of all aspects of Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and the allied branches of engineering and related sciences. We promote wholesome interaction of the students with the pioneers and renowned leaders of the field both in academic as well as corporate sector. Our basic paradigm is the professional development of the students in accordance to the Constitution and Branch Bylaws of IEEE and the conventions as defined by Pakistan Navy Engineering College.

President: Onib Nasir

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MACS – Media Affairs & Communications Society

The Media Affairs and Communications society provides recreation by arranging concerts, dinners, dramas and workshops; the likes of which PNEC has never seen. Even though it is a young society, it has been able to achieve what others could only dream of. Not only does it own PNEC’s online newsletter, The Pinnacle; to the first Drama Society of PNEC, the media affairs and communication society has a lot on its plate. We constantly look for leaders, writers and professionals who will take the torch and keep organizing events that allow PNECians to show everyone what it means to have fun.

President: Hamza Shams

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PNEC AIR – Alumni & Industrial Relations

PNEC AIR is a society that deals with building up a strong bond between the alumni’s of NUST and PNEC students and also to develop a relationship between the industries and the students of PNEC, so that the students can extract the best out of it.

President: S/Lt Khuldoon Muhammad

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APSS – ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) PNEC Student Section

APSS aims to provide mutual support in Study, Learning and Professionalism through technical presentations and personal-skill developmental activities. Moreover it also gives opportunities for students to participate in Engineering and Technical Competitions within PNEC as well as other ASME sections. It also assists students to develop personal connections and communications within the Society as well as outside it.

President: Hashim Bokhari

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ECSS – Education & Comunity Services Society

A society aiming to promote humanity through welfare and volunteer work, encouraging others to do the same. The society aims to revive the spirit in its members, and in the whole community in the long run, which is necessary to make them an active participant and a positive contributor to their community.
The society strives to improve the standards of life of the disadvantaged sections of society, particularly the unprivileged masses, through a variety of socioeconomic services.
The society also aims at promoting education where its really needed and encourages others to do so by example. whether it’s providing books or stationary, or just sharing our knowledge we are determined to bring about a change, and to make the society a better place to live.

President: Fahad Hassan

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WIE – Women In Engineering

WIE is an affinity group of IEEE benefiting the women in engineering around the globe. The mission of IEEE WIE is to inspire, engage, encourage, and empower women worldwide.

WIE encourages women for engineering and science studies, minimizes the problems for women in engineering career and help them learn to take responsibility and meet with new people who study in engineering and science disciplines.

President: Iqra Sajid

 CCP – The Chess Club of PNEC
This society is the sole governing body of chess at PNEC. We have the following objectives:
(a) To teach proper chess rules and regulations as described by Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE, the international governing body for chess).
(b) To create a chess team of PNEC, via the method of free and fair trials, which will compete in chess competitions outside PNEC.
(c) To generate an interest in chess among students as a form of cultural enhancement.
(d) To facilitate the proper study of various chess tactics, strategies, and terminology such as opening, middlegame, endgame, etc., via the use of chess literature and coaching.
(e) To use the study of chess as a means of developing the intellectual potential of the individual starting from the stimulation of cognitive capacity.

President: Arsalan Ali Bugti

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NASR (NUST Association for Sports and Recreation)

NASR aims to develop a healthy sports culture in PNEC with the smooth conductance of all sports events and give students an opportunity to showcase their talents and harness their abilities and then groom them for future success. The only dedicated sports society in PNEC promotes healthy sports activities among students for their physical and mental nourishment.

“A sound mind in a sound body” – a conventional expression everyone is familiar with, but living with the hectic routine of PNEC the expression has lost its essence, the society aims to bring back the appeal and to revive sports activities in PNEC to a new level.

President: Muzammil Safdar (NSR Sports)

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